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Zhen Cao

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I am a second year Ph.D. student advised by Prof. Luay Nakhleh in CS Department at Rice University.

My research interest is computational biology. More specifically, I am interested in scalable methods for phylogenetic network inference and related problems.


Computational Biology

  • Empirical Performance of Tree-based Inference of Phylogenetic Network Inference

    Zhen Cao, Jiafan Zhu and Luay Nakhleh
    19th Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics (WABI), 2019
    Abstract accepted for poster session in ASHG 2019 annual meeting
    [PDF] [slides] [BibTex] [poster]

  • Practical Aspects of Phylogenetic Network Analysis Using PhyloNet

    Zhen Cao, Xinhao Liu, Huw Ogilvie, Zhi Yan and Luay Nakhleh
    bioRxiv, 2019
    [PDF] [BibTex]

Computer Networking

  • Panacea: A low-latency, energy-efficient neighbor discovery protocol for wireless sensor networks

    Zhen Cao, Zhaoquan Gu, Yuexuan Wang and Heming Cui
    IEEE Conference Wireless Communications and Networking (WCNC), 2018
    [PDF] [BibTex]

  • How local information improves rendezvous in cognitive radio networks

    Yongqin Fu, Yuexuan Wang, Zhaoquan Gu, Xiaolin Zheng, Tianhao Wei, Zhen Cao, Heming Cui and Francis C.M. Lau
    15th IEEE Communications Society Conference on Sensor and Ad Hoc Communications and Networks (SECON), 2018
    [PDF] [BibTex]

  • Alano: An Efficient Neighbor Discovery Algorithm in an Energy-Restricted Large-Scale Network

    Tong Shen, Yuexuan Wang, Zhaoquan Gu, Dongda Li, Zhen Cao, Heming Cui and Francis CM Lau
    15th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), 2018
    [PDF] [BibTex]


  • EDM-JBW: A novel event detection model based on JS-ID′ Forder and Bikmeans with word embedding for news streams

    Pengpeng Zhou, Zhen Cao, Bin Wu, Chunzi Wu and Shuqi Yu
    Journal of computational science, 2018
    [PDF] [BibTex]

  • EMMBTT: A Novel Event Evolution Model Based on TFxIEF and TDC in Tracking News Streams

    Pengpeng Zhou, Bin Wu and Zhen Cao
    IEEE Second International Conference on Data Science in Cyberspace (DSC), 2017
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  • Faculty candidate committee of graduate students, Department of Computer Science, Rice University, Spring 2019

  • Selected participation in CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop for Women, April 2019

  • Graduate student fellowship, Department of Computer Science, Rice University, 2018

  • Mathematical Contest In Modeling, Meritorious Winner, 2017

  • Volunteer in APNet, SIGCOMM workshop, Aug 2017, Hong Kong.

  • Undergraduate Scholarship, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2015-2017


Outside of research, I enjoy swimming, running, playing badminton, playing Ping Pong, and baking!